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Edit Project Number on Invoice

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    Hey Your Invoice thing is really cool. Nice Job. But to integrate fully into a business that already has a format for Project Numbers it's very limiting. I suggest Invoice number could be generated by the server (fine) but Project number should be Editable. I Invoice clients over a long period of time. So I use the same Project number everytime I send an invoice. Large projects that involve contracts and lawyers usually don't go away for a while or change much. So Accounting always references the project number with the job. If Accounting get's a new project number everytime it's going to get confusing. At least for my company. and I would think there are a few others out there needing the same thing.

    We have a very similar scenario at Pelago. Especially since we have invoices in QuickBooks, but now will be using the invoicing functionality in Intervals. In fact, we even have some old legacy invoice numbers because we didn't always auto increment them. For example, Alliance Maint 001 is the invoice number. So we have both Project Numbers and Invoice Numbers irregularities. Our planned workaround is to use the Project Name field in Intervals to keep legacy information and information that may reside in other places consistent. We hope the consistent numbering with Project Numbers and Invoices will help standardize our info (the classic rigid vs. open debate).

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