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Can we have an OT Setting

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    Overtime for employees always takes a nasty bite. So we send the expenses off to the client. In the "Add Time" window - a check mark for OT would be nice to see. This way in the prices for work types, we have an extra editable Column for OT. OT will just be added to the overall cost of the work type.

    Important to consider...

    1.OT for Employees is, as we all know, Time and a half.
    2.What the company charges the client for OT always varies.


    Adding additional default work types may do the trick. For example:

    Production - $100
    Production OT - $150

    Project Management - $100
    Project Management OT - $150


    The only caveat is the user entering the time would have to know whether or not the time was regular vs. over time, but it might work out.

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