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    • Michael
    • Mar 7th 2006 edited @ 03/12/2006 6:27 pm

    One feature we want to add is the ability for Project Managers and Admins to see which timers are running in real-time.

    We are contemplating adding this to the task detail page and also adding a report to "View active timers".

    Any thoughts?

    We also want to add active timers at the task level. So you can look at a task and see if a timer is currently running and who is belongs to. This will help project managers with real-time feedback.
    If active timers could be viewed by user it would make the adaptation / enforcement of utilizing Intervals easier in a given organization. A periodic check of all users would make it possible to notice users that are not tracking time against any tasks / customers / projects. Would that be possible?

    Thanks for the comment. A few weeks back we added a "running timers" section. Only Administrator level users can view it and it is located here:

    Timesheets >> Running Timers

    It is fairly rough right now and we have plans to tune it, but please take a look and feel free to give any feedback on how we can make it better.

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