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Can there be an equiptment tab

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    more often than not I'm sure companies are always needing to keep track of what certain equipment of theirs is doing. I rely on computers, tape decks, hard drives, and rooms to also make me money. We do not make the equipment part of the hourly we charge clients. Because we give them Daily or weekly rates.

    I would like to set prices for Equipment and assign them to projects. Basically the Equipment works like people, but for the sake of organization I would like to keep the two separate. Is this something that can be whipped up?

    Interesting. Currently in Intervals Project Fees could potentially be used to accomplish the same goal, but in a more generic fashion. Any sort of project expense can be added at the project level. It sounds like you would like to have standard things with standard prices in an ideal world? Would equipment have limits (so that you cannot over extend an item)?

    Yes they normally would be standard. I did not even think about over extension. Making sure (it) was not promised to two jobs at once is always a challenge. A prompt that says (machine) is being used that day or between certain hours.

    I'll give a look at Project Fees and get back to you.

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