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Additional themes and/or the ability to create your own

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    We have plans to create additional themes to allow for greater visual personalization of Intervals. Presently there are eight different theme options and we envision doubling that number.

    Another idea we have batted around is the ability to create your own theme or even attach your own CSS.


    As creatives, we certainly want our interface to look pretty, but in reality that is not a true necessity. IS vital to present ourselves appropriately to our clients.

    Therefore, I think it is very important (if not critical) to have the ability to customize any correspondence that our clients will see, such as estimates, invoices, email notifications, etc.

    Yup! We are in agreement on this. I would love to be able to theme it out so I can match the interfaces of all my other services and branding. This would be a real plus. It would help with seamless presentation. Clients won't get confused when seeing our website verses our project tracking.

    You've right now got about 7 themes.

    They are for the most part the same. The theme is on the top and the bottom, but not where the data is

    Here's what I see so far.... A hell of a lot of WHITE. Bright White.

    Its eye strain. I imagine alot of people feel it. It hurts my eyes after several hours. My employees will be using this ALOT. This is a real issue.

    I also see you guys like Gray. Gray as a color is ... dreary. It does not convey a good working attitude.

    It would be nice if you had a more expanded theme where WHITE are the letters. Then it would be less eye strain.

    My suggestion in color choices are contrasts. DARK Green background versus white letters.
    Black Background and White letters (or Light Green, like the terminals of the old days). Those had zero eye strain.

    Hey I was just checking back in to see where you stood on Interface Colors and still there is no update. Is there going to be progress on this? Doesn't seem that hard to implement. Perhaps a simple 48 color picker?
    • Michael
    • Aug 27th 2010 edited @ 08/27/2010 1:20 pm

    ## Update ##

    The advanced theme editor launched a few months back. From within your account if you navigate over to Options >> Settings & Defaults just below the predefined themes there is a link to "Try the Advanced Theme Editor." The advanced theme editor allows you to add your own custom CSS to modify the look of Intervals to match your brand as closely as possible or to create your own theme. Also, here is a blog write-up outlining some of the improvements that were launched if you would like to take a look.


    ## Update ##

    In addition to the advanced theme editor mentioned in the previous comment, we now support the ability to customize your existing theme. This can be helpful if you don't know CSS but want to make it look more like your company brand.

    Learn more here

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