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Customized Project Status in addition to Active and Inactive

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    We recently received this feature request and I am curious to get other feedback:

    One thing that intervals is missing that some other applications have is the ability to customize project status. You guys currently have "active" and "inactive" . For my company, I would love to be able to add in "In Process" "In Planning" "Archived" "Rejected" etc. Additionally, the ability to designate each project (and thus each attached task) a color tag would make things much easier to track visually. I love being able to look at a chart and see what projects are going on in what time-frame, based by color tag.

    A lot of the Program Management type of software does indeed feature this functionality. It is meant to help manage your portfolio of projects from concept to completion. Intervals is deliberately light on the Program Management features (including Project Management features like Gantt Charts for that matter) to keep it easy to use and keep its primary objective in the forefront which is Time Tracking and Task Management.

    Any likes/dislikes or other thoughts would be great to hear...

    - Michael
    I hadn't seen any other comments on this, so wanted to throw in my 2 cents that we'd make use of this a lot. Combined with a better way to do an in-process summary/status update note and report, it would help provide a nice short cut for project planning and weekly status checks at a glance.
    We would definitely use this feature exactly as msheldonjr describes. I also requested this feature in this post:

    Michael - this is a very belated response to your 9/24/07 post, but it may explain some things for me. I have posted "early and often" on the board about wanting more standard project management functionality of various types, and I just noticed above that you say "Intervals is deliberately light on the Program Management features (including Project Management features like Gantt Charts for that matter) to keep it easy to use and keep its primary objective in the forefront which is Time Tracking and Task Management."

    I think this may explain in part why my requests for more robust project management features are not responded to. I would like to respectfully suggest that you consider re-wording your home page, which in the first paragraphs says in part,

    Stop Getting Dominated by Your Projects with Intervals...

    Centralize your Project, Task and Time Management...

    Intervals is a hosted project management service that marries time tracking and task management in a collaborative online space with powerful reporting...

    It might make things more clear for folks if you remove the "project management" verbiage from your home page to make your focus on task management and time tracking more clear.

    • Michael
    • May 1st 2009 edited @ 12/22/2017 10:15 am

    The word "Project Management" really means a lot of different things to different people. For some people it does mean traditional project management things like earned value and Gantt charts, but for others it means something completely different. For many small businesses organizing work and fulfilling contracts is project management.

    If somehow you have felt misled my sincerest apologies. That is not our intent. Our tour tries to articulate this and we try to make it as easy as possible to try Intervals and determine for yourself if it is a good fit. The trial is fully functional and free so you can try Intervals and see if it is a good fit without any obligation.

    Intervals was built around our web design and web development flow at Pelago and our development practices are very similar to Agile development. We used to make very detailed project plans with Microsoft Project and eventually found that it did not work for us. Too often one client delay would wreck the whole plan and we spent our time managing the schedule as opposed to managing the project and client relationship. We changed up our methodologies to be more flexible. Intervals is built around that sort of iterative philosophy with an ever changing schedule.

    We do have plans to add task imports and exports via CSV and the API. I know that some customers plan to export and import tasks back and forth between Microsoft Project to utilize the powerful scheduling side of Microsoft Project with the time tracking, task management, and reporting of Intervals. It will be interesting to see how well things work together.

    Regarding not responding to certain forum posts, this is intentional at times. Our hope with the forum is that it will be place where users can articulate ideas and have conversations that we moderate. This has been hit and miss to be completely honest but I believe that is the nature of forums. We are slower with the forum than email or the feature request and bug submission links within each account. If you ever have a question about a feature you can always email We typically categorize feature requests into the following groups:

    0. ruled out
    1. being contemplated
    2. on the development plan
    3. active / under development

    We typically get a few hundred feature requests a week so there are a lot of items in the #1 camp. Our goal is to add features that add the most value for everyone while keeping Intervals easy to use. Thanks again for the honest feedback.


    Michael -

    not feeling misled
    not feeling negative about the product

    In point of fact, we've adopted it quite thoroughly in our little company and it has really turned around our operations. Having a marriage of time entry and project tracking has been a godsend.

    I stay here because I'm totally committed to the product and want to make it better.

    Sorry if the tone of my last post sounded whiney or disgruntled. Apologies. Really do love the product.

    BTW, it would be great if there were a way to find out how specific enhancement requests are being received by you all internally - esp. if this could be done w/o adding to your workload. I love SFC's idea system. Any way something could be developed or used whereby ideas from loyal users could be tracked so we know if they are either on the devplan or even of interest to you internally?


    John here. Thanks for the idea on tracking requests from our customers. Although we don't anticipate having any type of customer login for checking on the status of these requests, we do encourage you to use the feature request button in the footer of the Intervals project management app. This way it gets assigned a unique case number and is placed into our database where our support team can access it. I apologize if this is redundant, but it is the best way to ask us about features.

    Thanks for the kind words about Intervals. We are glad you are finding it a good fit.

    • Michael
    • Apr 13th 2023 edited @ 04/13/2023 1:49 pm

    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes the ability to customize and use project labels. One use for project labels is for project statuses.
    More information on Project Labels is available here on the official help site.

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