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Ways to use Intervals


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    • Michael
    • Sep 18th 2007 edited @ 09/18/2007 4:58 pm

    At Pelago we have a customer that is a manufacturer of a medical device. Because of this they have HIPAA requirements. Intervals was never intended to be a compliance tool, but since it tracks the date, action, and notes of every request it works very nicely.

    In fact, one of the most active Intervals accounts does social services. The logging that is native to Intervals that keeps track of notes and details and also shields other eyes from the information allows it to work nicely as a compliance tool. The work types and modules need to radically modified from the defaults, but once it is setup with a compliance work flow and process you'd never know it was originally developed for web design and web development.

    Intervals is meant to manage tasks, track task status, track time, and report on all of the activity going on within a small organization...whether that is billing hours to a client or keeping notes and progress updates on a social service case.

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