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Information Technology Projects - IT Support / Help desk

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    Intervals was created out of the marriage of a ticketing system with time tracking. This genesis makes Intervals well suited for IT projects. Whether or not you are an IT service company OR just want to track your internal IT efforts Intervals will do the trick.

    We have a Pelago IT project with the following modules:

    Mail Server
    File Server
    Linux Dev Servers
    Windows Dev

    This setup allows us to track how much time goes into each of those modules. The first year we decided to create our IT project and track all time we were shocked by how much time we spent on this front. After getting through the shock, it actually made sense. Since we work with Web Technology and web and IT are so married, we spend a healthy amount of time tinkering and tuning and preserving our data.

    Another benefit is that all of the historical data for each "ticket" or task is preserved. If we solve an issue once and it comes back it is very easy to look-up the steps that were taken to solve it last time (the site search in the footer or the advanced search). This also helps if someone is out of the office and someone else has to deal with the crisis.

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