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Feature Requests

Allow the ability to create tasks without assinging them to someone

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    Today we received this feature request. I think it is a fairly common one for Managers to collect and organize tasks before assigning them to individuals. There are three work arounds that I can think of off the top of my head to handle this need:

    1. Tasks Assigned to a Generic Person
    A generic user can be created and then tasks can be assigned to them. If you use task filters it is fairly quick to view "All tasks assigned to Mr. Generic" for example. Then when the time comes the tasks can be re-assigned to the proper person.

    2. Work Request Queue
    Another work around is to use the Request Queue to house partially created tasks that have not been assigned to anyone yet. The Request Queue is located in the subnavigation of the Tasks section.

    3. Task that houses other tasks
    The last way is create a task that houses other tasks, then you can copy and paste them into their own task when the time is right. I do this for some of our projects and it works well for me to keep my thoughts in one place. I use the advanced editor to make a strikethrough any line item that has been turned into a task.

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