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Sharing Intervals projects across accounts

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    It would be great to have projects shareable across accounts. So, when Joe Company works on an Intervals project with me and falls in love with the program, Joe Company can get their own account for internal projects and include my Intervals project as part of their account. No need to log in and out.

    Depending on how the database is structured this would either be a 10 minute job or many weeks :)


    Anyone else? I'd like this. Share project information between accounts.

    Clients have accounts, contractors can have their own accounts, etc.


    This is an issue we are facing with Intervals, we have outside private contractors that can not be restricted access to seeing the whole project they have had tasks assigned.

    This solution would be excellent for interoperability between two Intervals based ventures though, as well.


    This is also an issue with my organization. I have a few clients who like Intervals and want to get their own version, but then I have to log in and out of multiple accounts to manage projects. This could becoming a major time consuming issue. If, as administrators, we could approve the "linking" of projects this would increase the functionality and marketability of Intervals ten fold.

    This would be an amazing and useful integration.


    This feature will become more and more vital as more and more people use Intervals. Some reasons why this is an important feature include:

    1. Currently people cannot see all their projects and tasks in one place, and instead have them scattered over 4 or 5 Intervals sites. If you could link accounts, then people could see their entire set of tasks and projects at a glance.

    2. It is a waste of time to be constantly logging in and out of different Intervals sites. This is especially a pain on mobile where it is more cumbersome to have more then one window open. Linking accounts eliminates this issue.

    3. It encourages people to get their own Intervals site (a benefit for Intervals).

    4. It would eliminate discussions on which Intervals site will the project be under.

    5. People could retain their own theme and preferences when they login.

    6. Did I mention that Intervals would make more money because it encourages people to get their own Intervals account? ;)

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