Timers — Automated Time Tracking for Capturing Your Work Day

Timers capture every minute of your day for more accurate reporting and billing. So you can stay focused on your work, not the clock. Timers are the most effective tool for finding out where your time is going.

Multiple timers for multiple projects and tasks

The act of juggling several projects and tasks at once can quickly overwhelm any team. Multiple timers make it easy to keep track of your time on every task. Simply start and stop timers as you move from one task to another. All of your timers are conveniently located in one place, so you can keep track of your efforts throughout the work day.

Notifications to keep you on track

Automated notifications alert you when you've left a timer running for too long. This customizable feature lets you set the threshold for when you want to be reminded. Timer notifications keep you on track by alerting you when you've been working on something for too long, or simply forgot to stop a timer.

A mobile app for tracking your time on the go

Experience the freedom of tracking your time away from your desk. Start a timer as you sit down to your next meeting, or head out on a call. The Intervals mobile app timers make it easy to keep track of your time on every project and task, no matter when and where you are working.

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