Time Tracking — Accurately and Effortlessly Account for Your Time

Intervals includes a suite of time tracking features that make it easy to capture every working hour and learn where your time is going.

Stay focused on your work, not the clock

Intervals takes the pain out of time tracking. With one click of a button, easy to use timers keep track of your work for you. Visualizations show you how much you've worked throughout the day and week. Ready to move on from paper timesheets and spreadsheets? Intervals helps you focus less on the clock, and more on creating great work.

Capture every minute of your day

Task-based timers keep track of your efforts as you work through your day-to-day assignments. Weekly timesheets detail exactly what you worked on and when. This unique combination of time tracking and task management makes Intervals an indispensable tool for teams that need to provide a detailed accounting of their time.

Find out exactly where your time is going

When you track your time with Intervals, there’s no guessing as to what you worked on and when. Fast, powerful reports give you everything you need to account for your time. From snapshots of your work week, to detailed ledgers of each hour, Intervals transforms your time tracking data into meaningful visualizations and easy to read reports.

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