Time Tracking Notifications — Build Better Time Tracking Habits

Time tracking is a discipline that requires practice and patience. Automatic notifications help by alerting you when you’ve forgotten to add time, or when you’ve left a timer running for too long.

Get notified when a timer runs too long

Task-based timers make it easy to keep track of your day-to-day work. However, it’s just as easy to leave one running too long. Enable this notification and Intervals will alert you when a timer has run longer than the specified time.

Get notified when you forget to add time

It’s easy to forget to add time each day, especially when just getting started with time tracking. Turn on this notification and Intervals will notify you on the days of your choice when you haven’t added time by the specified hour.

Build better time tracking habits

Intervals makes time tracking easy and rewarding by helping you build good habits and making them part of your daily routine. Plus, companies become 30% more profitable, without working a single extra hour, when everyone on the team tracks their time.

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