Intervals provides a variety of reports, from beautifully rendered charts to detailed spreadsheets. Get the data you need, in the format you need, to make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.

High Level Visuals

Intervals provides intuitive charts, graphs, and dashboards that enable your team to swiftly grasp key trends, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions in real-time. By distilling complex data into easily digestible visualizations, Intervals’ high-level reports make it easier to optimize workflows and deliver projects on time. Find out where your time is going with flexible and customizable visuals.

Detailed Spreadsheets

Intervals provides detailed, indispensable tools that offer granular insights and meticulous analysis of your time and efforts. These reports provide your team with a comprehensive overview of project progress, budgets, and task worfklows. Quickly identify inefficiencies, anticipate potential risks, and make data-driven decisions to ensure projects are delivered on time and under budget. Plus, historical, data-driven reports are a powerful tool for estimating and planning future projects.

Customizable Reports

Tailor your reports to your specific needs. Intervals provides a variety of customizable reports that can be filtered, sorted, and grouped to provide the exact data you need. Whether you need to track time, monitor project progress, or analyze your team’s performance, Intervals has the tools to help you make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.

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