Milestones are valuable tools in project management for tracking progress, managing deadlines, and facilitating effective communication among project stakeholders.

Visibility into Your Projects

Milestones are a collection of tasks that are managed as one deliverable. As you work through each project phase, milestones provide a clear and visual representation of progress. Plus, milestones enable you to identify potential delays.

Deadline Management

Milestones often represent specific deadlines or timeframes for completing essential project phases. Think of them as checkpoints to ensure that the project stays on schedule. Setting and achieving milestones enables your team to stay focused on meeting intermediate goals, ensuring the overall success of the project.

Client Communication

Milestones provide a visual tool for communicating progress to clients, team members, and executives. When they see tangible milestones being reached, it increases confidence in the project’s progress and success. Milestones also keep everyone up to date regarding project objectives and expectations.

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