Fast and Flexible Reports

Intervals provides a wide array of customizable reports that render quickly, so you can get the insights you need to keep your projects on time and under budget, all while growing your business.

Comparative Analysis

Intervals lets you choose how you want to segment your data, so you can compare and analyze the data points that have the most impact on your business. Whether you need to compare billable hours to non-billable hours, or compare the time spent on one project to another, Intervals has the flexibility to give you the insights you need.

Zero In On Your Data

Filter your data using a wide number of options to zero in on the information you need. Whether you need to see all of the tasks assigned to a specific team member, or all of the time tracked last week, Intervals will give you the answers you need to keep your projects on time and grow your business.

Custom Reports

With so many different ways to segment and filter your data, there are an infinite number of custom reports you can create. And, once you have built the reports you need, save them for future use, and share them with your team. Intervals makes it easy to quickly get the information you need, when you need it.

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