Card View for Kanban, Scrum, and Custom Task Boards

This powerful visualization tool enables teams to collaborate on tasks by arranging them as cards on a task board. Stay on top of your tasks as they are worked through to completion with this intuitive and flexible productivity feature.

Create an infinite number of boards

The card view features the ability to create unique task boards using multiple filters, such as project, assignee, and module. Every board you create can be saved, making the card view ideal for juggling different projects and teams. The combination of custom task statuses and multiple filters provide for a truly infinite number of options. Find your flow and keep your tasks on time.

Share and collaborate

Task boards empower teams to collaborate faster and smarter, making them an indispensable centerpiece in meetings and huddles. Create visual task boards and share them with your team to keep tasks moving. The card view enhances your current task list with drag and drop functionality, manual sorting, quick task updates.

Flexibility for any task management scenario

Originally modeled on Kanban boards, the card view is flexible and intuitive enough to handle other task management scenarios as well. For example, teams practicing Agile methodologies will find the card view perfectly suited as a Scrum board for sprint planning and management. Teams unaccustomed to Kanban or Scrum will find the card view to be ideal for creating unique task boards for marketing campaigns, procedural workflows, professional services automation, and more.

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