The Intervals Mobile App for iOS and Android

Put time, task, and project management at your fingertips — for those times you find yourself away from your desk but still at work.

The Intervals mobile app turns your favorite device into a pocket sized companion to our web-based project management platform. Track time, manage tasks, and stay ahead of your projects; all while on the go.

Track time on the go
with timers and timesheets

Time Tracking

Experience the freedom of tracking your time without being anchored to your desk. Start and stop timers before ducking into a meeting. Fill out your timesheet on the train commute home. The mobile app makes it possible to keep track of your time on every project and task, when you're commuting or away from your computer.

Time tracking features include:

  • Multiple project and task timers
  • Daily and weekly timesheets
  • Estimated hours for projects and tasks
  • Weekly timesheet submittals

Personalize task listings
and manage tasks

Task Management

Personalized task listings make it possible to remotely review and update your current workload while working on site for a client. Notify your team of updates to your current tasks to keep them in the loop. Receive any last minute task assignments when not at the office. Intervals keeps your current workload fresh up to the minute, so you can confidently finish the job in front of you before moving on to the next.

Task management features include:

  • Team collaboration
  • Filtered task lists
  • Task revision history
  • Estimated hours
  • Access task documents

Review projects and keep them on schedule

Project Management

Every project has several moving parts and is in a constant state of flux. Review project assets, such as documents, notes, and recent activity. Monitor hourly estimates and budgets to keep them under control. Just the tools you need to check in with your projects and keep them on schedule.

Project management features include:

  • Hour estimates and budgets
  • Project teams
  • Project notes
  • Recent activity feeds
  • Document management

Quickly find tasks,
projects, and notes

Keyword Search

Clicking through menus and filtering lists to find information can slow you down, especially when you're on the go. Use the keyword search instead to quickly find the tasks, projects, and notes, that you need to focus on in the moment.

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