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The Intervals Forum is Closing!
This forum is being replaced with a new help section located at
We recommend checking the help section first, as the forums no longer being updated. We will be keeping the forums open for a couple of weeks, after which they will no longer be available.

New to Intervals? Have questions or need help? [Sticky, Closed]

How do I submit a bug or feature request or get help?

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    • Michael
    • Oct 19th 2010 edited @ 05/05/2011 4:42 pm

    From within your Intervals account there are "Find a bug?" and "Feature Request?" links in the footer.

    Find a Bug and Feature Request

    The find a bug link gives our support team additional diagnostics about your web browser, the current user and computer that greatly help our troubleshooting efforts. There is an option to attach a file as well. When encountering a bug a screenshot of the error page is always appreciated so we can see exactly what you are seeing. Sending an email to is always an option as well.