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Small and large businesses alike love Intervals.

I never thought I would get warm fuzzies from software. We’re in our first full week of use and I’ve recommended Intervals to several people already.
David Robinson
Creative Director
Birch Studio
We absolutely love Intervals! Intervals keeps our marketing department organized and on top of our hectic workload.
Aimee Miller
VP Marketing
At the end of the day, the core platform of Basecamp™ did not focus on time, work flow and reporting, which is where Intervals excels.
Joe CincottaPixolut Intervals
I just wanted to say that Intervals is a true life saver. I have tried so many project management tools that I've lost track of the number. This tool by far gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Thanks for helping my business run more efficiently.
Trena Stubbs
Business Solutions Specialist
Apex Virtual Solutions
Thank you! I just wanted to share the love a little. Our company moved over to Intervals from AtTask™ in February. The engineers really like Intervals much better than AtTask™. As the business manager, Intervals fits our service business much better than AtTask™ and it is priced much more reasonably.

Thanks again for your support during our conversion! Intervals is a very well designed and professional tool.
Clark Becker
RidgeRun, LLC
I just want you to know how much we love Intervals. Over the past 7 months we've integrated Intervals more and more into our business and workflows and it is proving invaluable. Keep up the great work and thanks for developing a system that fits us like a glove.
Michael Piperno
President and Chief Creative Officer
Imbue Creative
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Intervals is the best agency management tool I’ve ever used and I’ve used at least a dozen. Great job.
Marc Pitre
Right Here Interactive
I really LOVE your product and it has made a huge difference in productivity in my department. I never hesitate in recommending Intervals to any of my peers that are looking to streamline their production. Thanks again!
Paula TadeNBCUniversal Intervals
We were looking for a system, that could give us an opportunity to manage the production process for our advertising agency. Two years ago we found Intervals. Intervals is the most convenient process control system in the world! Thank you for your service!
Sokolenko Boris
Commercial Director
Venta reSearch Lab
Intervals so far exceeds any other similar products that there’s just no comparison. We previously used BaseCamp™, which is far too basic for what my group needs (and they readily acknowledge it’s not supposed to be everything to everyone). Intervals has allowed my small team of four to take on and manage more work while getting paid more for the work we do. Seeing the item about Intervals in Communication Arts last year was nothing short of a gift from the gods for our little webdev shop—and your support responsiveness has been something we have tried to emulate with our own clients.
Dave Himego9media Intervals
We are loving Intervals. Intervals is proving to be a life saver!
Erik Ford
Principal / Lead Creative
We Are Pixel8
Hey guys…LOVE the program…GREAT work! Weston Graphics is a full service Graphic design, printing and web development firm, Intervals keeps all our projects across print and web design completely organized, saving time and making us more money!
Adam WestonWeston Graphics Intervals
Last year after reviewing twenty time tracking and case-based tools we decided to use Intervals. Almost a year later Intervals has proven to be an incredible assistance in all time tracking and management needs. Just a small note congratulating your whole team. We appreciate your work.
Leo G. Roque Fariñasorbelink.com Intervals
My company has been using Intervals for about 3 months now. I can honestly say I don’t know how we ever managed projects without it! This makes it easier on our tech/design staff, project managers, our accountant, and our clients. I also like that you can add the client as an Executive user so there are no surprises come billing time.
Lisa ThayerGoldfish Network Intervals
I knew we had chosen the right tool when *two* of our team members said that it was ‘almost fun to do my time entries.’ Intervals took me 10 minutes to set up and was so intuitive that I was managing projects within hours. The team loves this product so much that they collectively gave the Employee of the Month award to the developer that found it! Intervals gets an A+.
Emily Kim
Managing Partner
Trilemetry, Inc.
We started using Intervals about a month ago and LOVE it. We are a marketing consulting company and will be looking to use it with all our clients. Intervals does exactly what we need and is so easy to use. We are huge fans. And after today, we are twice as happy knowing that your support levels and service are as good as your product.
Ivana Misci MISCI Group Marketing Intervals
We have gained huge insight into what company time actually means, especially overlooked time that usually isn’t billed to a project.
Jeff Day
Man without a moniker
Hök Nik
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You have no idea how efficient Intervals has made our small ad agency!
We get the work done of double the staff. We love Intervals!
Beverly Brown DeesAd.In Advertising Intervals
Intervals enables us to manage our increasing workload while continually simplifying our processes.
Adam Landrum
President & CEO
Read the Merge case study
We use Intervals to track time on our fixed price projects, to make sure we aren’t losing our shirts on a job.
Bob Ruffolo
Founder and CEO
After using Basecamp™ for over a year we realized that it wasn’t nearly robust enough to operate any real business. I had no idea just what I was missing. I researched literally 38 different project management systems and test drove nearly 5 of them before deciding on Intervals. I could not be happier. Intervals takes the pain out of running your business.
  • Time Tracking: My cash flow will multiply now that employees can track every minute of their time through the Intervals timer system. No more vanishing hours of work.
  • Customer Service: Intervals customer service is outstanding, well thought out, appreciative and personal. I never feel like I’m putting them out.
  • Reporting: Phenomenal — you will not find reporting even close anywhere else.
  • Organization: We’ve set up project templates within Intervals that we clone with each new Website. Now our designers and developers don’t have to waste time with paperwork and organization. Intervals does it all for them. ”
Matt DandurandMedia Contour
Read the Media Contour case study
I have been with Intervals for about 6 weeks. I have found the tool to be easy to use, and it has a lot of great features! But the best thing of all is that when I do get stuck on ANYTHING the support is beyond what I have experienced in a very long time. People actually respond quick! And when they respond, you actually get a FULL answer the first time… with instructions, screen shots, everything! Even if there is something that their tool may not do — they are awesome about helping you with a workable — workaround, so that you can be on your way with a fast solution. I just can’t say enough about what that means to me as a busy business owner. Intervals has me as a customer for life!
Pam Blackman
Virtual Business Manager
On My Wings International
Intervals is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I looked at project management services for MONTHS. All of the others were like pounding a square peg in a round hole. Intervals worked right out of the box and my brain just went crazy with plans. I was VERY reluctant to move from my white boards, steno books, post it notes and email but when I found Intervals, WOW, Sold! And love every minute of it!

I have a web design firm focused solely on the Joomla framework. I have many contractors who work for us including programmers, designers and such. Absolutely perfect for our needs!
Sandra WarrenMagnolia Web Group Intervals
I just would like to congratulate you on a fantastic tool you have created. We are finding here in our office that Intervals is answering all our prayers. Thanks again for all your great support!
Sebastian Baluyot
Managing Director
A to Z Wealth for Life Pty Ltd
I’m happy with Intervals, more than you can imagine! Task and time management in an intelligent match like this is just the magic a knowledge worker really needs. Thanks for your brilliant ideas and the cool well-organized design.
Rotger WesenerWesener Integrated Intervals
Intervals allows me to keep track of the different people I'm working with and what's on their plates. Intervals adds to my efficiency and subtracts from my daily hassle which is great. I wanted to let you guys know you do a great job and have an amazing product. Thanks Pelago!
Trent LewisFirst Baptist Church of Lakewood Intervals
We've looked at every single task/time management app out there, and yours is the absolute best. We've looked into RedMine, BaseCamp™, Easy Projects, TeamLab, and many, many others - none of them compare to Intervals. Plus, the auto-generated task numbers help keep our project server nice and clean.

If you're looking for the best time tracking & project management app out there, stop wasting hours and hours signing up for demos, and get some Intervals!
Richard Larson
Senior Developer
LW Marketing
We researched over 20 different online project management and time tracking systems, but none came even close to the power and simplicity of Intervals. How so many companies are missing the boat, I don’t know. It’s obvious from the start that Intervals was built for a creative agency, by a creative agency:showing our team how to use it took 10 minutes, and it went over extremely well. Bottom line: Intervals was exactly what we needed, with the support and the price point to match.
J.T. Trollman
Studio Manager
Future Plus
Wow, real humans!

Can I say that in the fifteen years I have been doing web projects, Intervals is the first application that has been designed with a real shop in mind (not the mythical shop in the sky) and covers time tracking more seamlessly than ANY timeclock app (or CRM for that matter). I have used Basecamp™, Rally, timeEdition, Redmine, Mantis, Bugzilla, Microsoft Project, Merlin, Sharepoint, Outlook, Salesforce.com and countless home-grown apps. None of these comes close to the ease of use and configuration as Intervals.

Thanks for your elegant (and sweat-tested) design.
Jason Fleming
Senior Developer/Web Project Manager
Morvil Advertising + Design Group
I just want to say thank you for such a great system and excellent customer service! Intervals works wonderfully for our needs. I searched for months to find a system with everything we needed and yours is a great fit. I also love the prompt response whenever I have a question or problem - so thank you!
Heather Russell SEO Advantage Intervals
Red Earth is a web development company and I was intrigued by a system written by web developers for their own company. We surveyed about 40 project management systems and signed up for free trials at four of those. No system seems to do everything, but Intervals does the best at the most important things we needed.

We have used dotProject’s ticketsmith module as a task management system for years, so needed something similarly ticket/task oriented but more robust. Intervals has simplified our time tracking, increased visibility into what the whole team is doing and made communication easier, which has been important as we grow, has helped us lose things less, and is saving time and sanity. We concurrently signed up for Evernote Business to use as an internal knowledge base. We also use it to push task templates and checklists from there into Intervals via email or copy and paste, and reserve Intervals project notes for connection information. I LOVE love love love love it. I get excited when I use it and see how Intervals is putting us in a more stable and manageable position.
EmmaRed Earth Design, Inc. Intervals
We’ve been using Intervals for quite some time now and absolutely love it. We are software developers ourselves so we can appreciate the difference between good software and awesome software and Intervals definitely falls into the latter category. It really is a work of art.
Paul Smithson
Founder and CEO
Intervals has been amazing for my business. I can’t imagine how I managed before I found you guys!
Renee Gruber
BrightWire Media
Intervals is incredible. It is an exceptional service and we're going to do our best to help more people to learn about it. I thought I had picked out the best service before, but your handling of my minor issue showed an even more remarkable side to Intervals.
Joe Moniz Intervals
Intervals has REALLY changed the structuring of our business for the absolute BEST!
Lindsay DavisProper Propaganda Intervals
I have tried hundreds of different collaborative software packages, I even tried Jira™ which was overly complicated. Intervals is the first one that uses common sense and things are where you expect them to be. Nice work. Love the system, just what we wanted!
Mark CrispinEyeRetail Intervals
Intervals helps everyone at Conecture Technologies manage their time more efficiently in order to make deadlines. The layout is very intuitive, organized, user friendly and is a great workflow tool to assist in the development of our My Mediabox applications.
Caitlyn Blizzard
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Conecture Technologies, LLC
Your team is very responsive and helpful. I am SO happy I found your software and your company. Thank you very much!
Lisa EliaLisa Elia Public Relations Intervals
You have got a great thing going. I am also in web programming (mining systems) and I love your Intervals system. Simple and effective.
Roux Gerber
After months of searching and many other project management software nightmares, we found Intervals. Because of Intervals, we now have a system that supports many important processes within our organization effectively, efficiently and professionally. Working with the Intervals team has been excellent and they truly care about you and your success.
Benjamin HughesY B R Design Intervals
We have been clients of Pelago since 2007 and are highly satisfied with Intervals. Intervals has been an essential asset to our strong growth in the Web Marketing field and we are glad to have been part of their evolution. Intervals has been our primary management tool and allowed us to take the most effective and efficient actions in all our internal and external business endeavors.
Sarah BenmazaNVI — SEO & Web Design Company Intervals
I recently became an Intervals customer and I’m loving it! I am already seeing at least 5-10 hours per week in improved efficiencies, which more than pays for your service. I reviewed over 40 different web-based project management solutions and test-drove 10-15 of those. Intervals is by far the best solution out there in terms of combining several aspects of my consulting business into one feature-rich platform. Thank you Intervals. I plan to be around for a very long time.
Sid McFarlandInformation Technicians Intervals
We use Intervals for our advertising, marketing and design business called Evado Media which is based in SW England! Intervals has quickly become the backbone of our business and thanks to it we are running smoother than we ever thought possible!
Sam HemburyEvado Media Intervals
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that I'm in love with Intervals and I'm leaving Basecamp™. THANK YOU for telling me about the software. Intervals is all inclusive AND easy to use. Well done!
Minnie Rodriguez2SIX STUDIOS Intervals
I just spent 60 minutes demoing Intervals to my clients because Intervals has worked so well for us that we felt like our clients can save money and use it. They are looking to replace Microsoft CRM Project Management. One client will likely save $23K from now to the end of year using Intervals. Keep up the good work.
Eric Garrison
WTE Solutions
I just wanted to say that having implemented Intervals across our small (20 something) team and changing the way we work I can already see people smiling more than before. Isn't that what good project management is all about? Thanks guys, your product is wonderful!
Mike PottsElisa Interactive Intervals
I am thrilled to say that even our most change resistant team members have come on board already and we are 100% converted at this point! (In only 2.5 months! Unbelievable! And best yet: everyone likes Intervals and sees the benefits!) Our technical people use upwards of 15 complex programs each to do their work so the last thing we need is complicated project management and collaborative assistance. They have not done well with our previous attempts. In fact after 4 years and significant training attempts with one moderate level web based system we still only had 80% adoption! I am glad to have a happy team now!
Holly Bailey, PE, CIAQP, CIEC, CMRS
Vice President
Bailey Engineering Corporation
I just received your latest newsletter with the updates and I have to say, awesome job! It is almost like you have been sitting with us at internal meetings. I can’t stress enough how Intervals and its price point has really helped a small business like ours. Knowing how systems work and how project management tools should work I find your tool just great.
Alessandro RenziBeyondus Intervals
I have been working with advertising agency software for 30 years and Intervals is far and away the best simple system I have seen. I find that many attempts to start a new system like Intervals by a company like ours are dropped because small pieces of the learning curve aren’t apparent. You have made the implementation extremely smooth and it has given me time to focus on the power of Intervals in the reports section instead of conquering those less important problem issues that get an owner frustrated and cause them to move on to another program to try to tame the agency beast.
John HendersonJohn Henderson Communications Management Intervals
You and the team have done a great job. Your software has made a real difference to our efficiency. I have been using Intervals personally for about for 10 weeks and it’s been rolled out to our 7 man PR agency for around 6 weeks. That I have been able to test, implement and roll-out effectively in such a short time frame is fantastic.
Platform PR
I love your approach to managing web design projects. Our process is very similar...everything learned the hard way though unfortunately ;).
Thank you sooo much for Intervals. I was beginning to think we'd have to make our own software!
Jesse Barton
DivineDesigns.ca - Divinely Inspired Web Design
I’ve been using a combination of Basecamp™ & Freshbooks™ to manage my projects and handle my invoicing, for the last six months. The last few days, I’ve been shifting over my projects and have been very impressed with the extra tools & features at Intervals.
Sharon Barcarse
AS Design
You don't know how much I wish I'd connected with Intervals and Pelago months ago! I appreciate so much your willingness to share your experiences with little 'start-ups' like us. Wishing you great success.
Jasonmichael jay company Intervals
Kudos to you and your team. We love the Intervals product immensely! It is invaluable to our organization. Keep up the good work!
Robbie Wooten
Impact Golf Marketing
You guys are awesome, what a great and clean tool! I'm very impressed with what your team has created and how well it works. I intend to use Intervals for all the projects in my business, including the personal projects as well.
Dmitri Ivanenko, PMPPM in Practice.Net Intervals
Your system is really easy to use. I ran trials on at least 15 different Project/Task Management online systems and yours was the only one that offered the sort capability that we wanted in addition to the normal modules. I also like the flexibility of your program since it allows us tailor it to our needs. We’ve already recommended it to our business associates. Thanks again.
Michelle Magoon Parry, Romani, DeConcini & Symms Intervals
I just wanted to say how great your software is! I started more or less testing it for myself a couple months ago and now we are spreading it out in our small but growing company. It is the first time in my 15 year consulting career that we are so well structured and are doing such good communication with our customers. We are situated in different locations – with your software this is even better than talking between offices. Invoicing is now fast and fun.
Andreas BollonginoControlling Group Intervals
As a software company owner I am very impressed with your "Suggest a New Feature" module and with your amazingly quick response!
Harriet Stewart
Managing Partner
Stewart Daly, Inc.
Intervals has changed the way we do business! It has allowed us to get our clients involved --without the hand holding, and helped us organize, manage and expand our business. All without losing sight of our core focus.
Jeff Heveron Badass Builders Intervals
I’d just like you to know how much I love intervals. You have done a great, great job with this, and it’s really helping me out. I have used Timefox™ and Freshbooks™, and neither are even close to as good. Thanks for the excellent product at a price I can afford!.
Ryan Brown
Web Developer
Let me just say that I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with this app. How I’ve missed this is in all my searches I don’t know. No lie, I’ve evaluated about 10 different hosted solutions and researched an additional 20 or so. I’m seeing the perfect marriage between time tracking and project management — at the price point that I can afford.
Tyler JonesSystem Trends Intervals
We have tried, bought, tested (I’m not even kidding…) probably around 50-75 project management tools over this past year. We were never fully happy with any of them, and therefore kept jumping from one product to another… We just began using Intervals a few days ago - and L-O-V-E it.
Emilybluefox Intervals
I wanted to let you know Intervals is incredible, and I’ve used Basecamp™, Cashboard™, Harvest™, Blinksale™, and about a half dozen other similar apps over the past few months before deciding on Intervals.
Steve PutalaLand Ship Design Intervals
After testing many online-based task managers from small to large, you’ve definitely developed a streamlined, well-focused tool.
Jonathan Sullivan
Manager of Interactive Media
National Aquarium in Baltimore
Great new range of features announced, making Intervals the best project management software out there for digital agencies!
Helen TrendellWhite Label SEO Intervals
I have tried a number of solutions and for the dollar, Intervals is my pick. I’m very pleased that you’re constantly working to upgrade and modify. I worked with Copper for a while and think it’s a great solution, but the time involved in managing the program is a bit more than desired.
Stephen OsterBright Yellow Jacket Intervals
Keep up the good work. It’s really great to know that someone is working to solve real-life project management issues in the web design and development realm.
Barbara EmersonBeeLine Computer Company Intervals
Fantastic software. Support has always been excellent, and the developers seem to welcome new suggestions.
Ben TannerCanterbury Christ Church University Intervals
After using this for less than a month Intervals has really enhanced the way our department bills out our hours to our clients.
Deni MurphyAshley Communications Intervals
The reporting features are very powerful and easy to use. The simple interface allows our resources to spend less time on time entry and more time on actual work. Similarly, the reports have significantly reduced the time required to generate invoices. Thanks for a building such a good application.
Daniel P. MorseDPM Technologies Inc. Intervals
We’ve been constantly impressed with not only existing functionality and ease of use, but also the continuous improvements being made and the responsiveness of support staff.
Katelyn TaylorMezzanine Consulting Intervals
Intervals is a very well thought out tool. We’ve used a number of task management and team organization packages and none have come close to providing the necessary functions for managing pro projects for high-end clients.
Eric BaroneRico Intervals
Your service has been a great help in understanding my wasted time, and this is definitely a product not only companies should use, but people to manage and understand their time as well.
Casey T ChristensenDesigns by Casey Intervals
Thanks for making such a smart, intuitive, and quality web application. Time tracking used to be such a chore for me, but with the insight I now gain from your app, I’m a lot more motivated to do it!
My Nguyen Intervals
The biggest challenge for us is tracking maintenance hours. This may seem small, but maintenance represents about half of our revenues, and accurate tracking is fundamental to billing. We used to track all of our time in separate spreadsheets and then tally them up at the end of the month. Now we just get an export from Intervals. Intervals suits our needs perfectly.
David Grahamsonik newmedia Intervals
What I like about Intervals is that it has its own space. It’s online, it’s 24/7, and it’s separate from email—it’s our special sandbox. It’s where everyone gets together, gets their assignments, writes comments, logs their hours, and manages their own time and tasks. All the stuff I used to do for everyone else. So it frees me from managing my guys’ time.
Birgitte RasineLUCITÀ Intervals
Intervals helps me to think differently. I’m focused, and I organize and forecast much better than before. My workflow is more regimented, more organized.
Forest CarlisleNitorix Intervals
I have no clue how we could handle this many projects without Intervals!
Patty FirsterStream Companies Intervals
Thanks again for a great product. We were able to dump our two separate time tracking / issue tracking systems for one system that does both jobs better.
Andrew Embler
Director of Technology
Concrete Websites
We are HUGE Intervals fans and love the new email directly to a task feature!
Tony KozlowskiT Productions, Inc. Intervals
Intervals meets our tech/development company needs wonderfully. I just wanted to tell you we love Intervals so much we recommended one of our new clients to use Intervals for their IT company's task management solution (they're using Excel spreadsheets right now!).
Cynthia DeStefanoWTE Solutions / PointShop Intervals

Why Intervals?

Intervals is designed for the unique needs of small teams. Web designers, IT shops, public relations firms, web developers and creative agencies all share similar challenges. Juggling projects and tasks while delivering quality deliverables and keeping track of every sliver of time. Intervals can help get you organized and under control.

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