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Choosing Online Time Tracking Software for Your Agency


Anyone who’s ever been tasked with finding time tracking software for their agency knows the process can be overwhelming. A simple Google search reveals more options than any one person, or agency, could possibly evaluate in the limited amount of time given to the task. Slightly overwhelmed, we pick two or three that appear to be a […]

Can Projects be Managed using Online Task Management Software Alone?


Task management software provides a great foundation for managing projects, and many creative agencies may find it to be all they need to successfully deliver projects on time and under budget. In my experience, however, online task management software is more effective when coupled with project management features. Managing a project successfully using only tasks […]

Tracking a Large Number of Tasks Online Using Milestones


Regardless of the online software you are using for tracking your tasks, you may find yourself juggling an overwhelming number of tasks. Fortunately, a little organization can go a long way.  In this example, we use our online task tracking software, Intervals, to manage and track tasks by grouping them into a milestone, pictured below. […]