Tired of losing time and money on creative projects?

Intervals can help you recover your lost time and money by tracking your time, tasks, and projects, for as low as $29/month. Intervals offers a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, set of productivity tools for creative firms who have struggled with the everyday issues of running a small business.

Struggling with any of these issues?

Antiquated time tracking
Paper timesheets or spreadsheets - these methodologies waste more time than they track. Intervals gives you real-time web-based timers that make it incredibly easy to track time as you juggle an endless array of creative projects.

Project health
You have no idea where your project stands - are you behind schedule or over budget? Intervals will tell you when a project, or one of its components, is failing or succeeding, and archives project histories for making smarter decisions in the future.

Fragmented workforce
Your designers are in San Francisco and your programmers are in London. Use Intervals as a centralized workspace to get everyone communicating in the same space and working on the same goals. Intervals also provides document support for sharing design comps, copy proofs, and any other file that you need to get your work done.

Software experiments
You've tried other software, supposedly for creatives, only to have wasted more time finding out it does too much and is too difficult to use. Intervals is intuitive and easy-to-use, and includes only the features that are essential to running a small creative firm. Try Intervals for free and experience a bloat-free service suited to the needs of creative firms.